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Software Developer Resume


Design and develop new object oriented commands for Suncluster.
Enhance old commands and utilities for Suncluster.
Provide technical leadership to the cluster framework team in India.
Major Work:
Designed and developed Suncluster transports, authentication and devices related (object oriented) commands in C++.
Designed and implemented the Suncluster commands enhancement to support large number(512) horizontally scaled solaris/linux nodes.
Designed and implemented the Suncluster configuration commands enhancement to support Solaris zones and trucopy data replication.
Designed and implemented the scrgadm, scswitch command enhancement to support per node resource properties.
Fixed several Suncluster commands/utilities bugs.


Bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering, April 1998

University of Madras, TN, India. - First Class.
Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering, April 1994
Directorate of Tech. Education, TN, India - First Class with distinction.

Unix/Solaris Internals, pthreads programming, Crash dump analysis, Linux kernel modules & device drivers.

Work Experience

7.5 years of experience in design/development/sustainance of system software.
Developed various features and utilities in C/C++/ksh on Solaris/Tru64Unix.
Extensive experience in UNIX/C/Shell programming and user/kernel debugging.
Good knowledge on object oriented concepts and UNIX/C++ programming.
Experienced in Virtualization(Ldoms/Zones), Clustering, CIFS and CLIs.
Good knowledge on file systems, volume managers and protocols.
Experienced in unix/windows interoperability, networking and security.
Experienced in software development life cycle for long-term projects.
Key strengths are technical expertise, problem solving, fast learning, multitasking, project coordination skills, individual contribution and teamwork.

Willing to Relocate


Employment Type

Full Time

Year of Experience

4 to 6 Years

Desired Salary

2 000

Last Time Updated



Solaris, Tru64(digital)Unix, Linux C, C++, Pthreads, Ksh dtrace, mdb, dbx, gdb, ladebug, atom, gprof ARP/RARP, NFS/CIFS, TCP/IP, NETBIOS MS-RPC Netmon, Ethereal, tcpdump, snoop


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