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Monday, August 21, 2017, 21:23
Career progression: Your next step is only a soft skill away
Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 10:01, 2 Weeks Job Search Advice
Demand for experienced IT professionals, IT professionals shows no sign of slowing down but despite this high demand, employers are not willing to settle for less experience or fewer skills. Technology is increasingly integrated into the business and IT employers are looking for candidates who embody that integration with skills that go beyond just technical requirements. What do I mean “beyond technical requirements”? I’m referring to soft skills: work ethic, communication skills, commercial understanding, etc. These skills are what will give your career progression the trajectory it needs. If you are seeking a senior role consider diversifying your experiences and taking time to build and develop your soft skills,  communication skills specifically is a key differentiator in this industry. Being able to explain technical issues to non-technical professionals is in high demand, and if you can’t talk to internal leaders the...
Six questions which will help you spot a productive candidate
Wednesday, August 9, 2017, 09:39, 2 Weeks Recruiting Advice
What I would like to talk about in this blog is how, as a business, your focus on improving the productivity of your workforce can and should start with the interview process. I don’t need to tell you that recruiting employees who are ambitious and self-motivated is one of the golden tickets to an effective workforce. But is there a way you can measure for these productivity indicators in the interview room? The good news is that there is, and it involves asking the right questions: 1. How would you describe a typical working day in your current role? It is one of the most commonly asked interview questions, but only a small portion of hiring managers ask this question with the objective of measuring productivity. What you really need to be looking out for as you ask this question, is whether the candidate has a clear structure to their day. People who can structure their day, and assign certain routines and processes in place, are usually the most p...
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